Father's Day Number Bonding Game

Have a special bonding experience with your beloved Father leading to this coming Father’s Day! Spend time with them and solve the Math riddles posted on our Facebook page together between 31 Aug to 3 Sept 2020 for the chance to Win $100 The Valley Plaza Gift cards!

How to join & win?

Daily Winners:

  1. Visit The Valley Plaza (Centre) Facebook page

  2. From 31st August to 3rd Sept 2020, a “math riddle”/ question will be posted on the Facebook page daily

  3. Solve the question and leave your answer in the comment under the post

  4. Four Daily winners of $100 The Valley Plaza Gift Card will be drawn on 4th September 2020 when we announce the answer for all riddles

Note: All entries close on 4th September 2020 at 2pm

Congratulations to All Winners below!

Louise Bakhos

Sue Rowley

Trang Xomali

Joson Chen

Terms & Conditions:

  • Limit of one (1) entry permitted per eligible person for each Daily Prize.

  • To be eligible to win the Daily Prize, the customer must solve the question and leave their answer in the comments under that question post before entry closes

  • Entry is only open to Australian residents aged 16 years or over. Entrants under 18 years old must have parental/guardian approval to enter

  • For the avoidance of doubt, entrants’ profiles must be on public display and contain adequate details to allow the Promoter to identify the entrant for the entrant to be eligible for entry.

  • Once an entry is submitted, entrants acknowledge that the entry may not be withdrawn, altered or deleted (especially their social media comment used for the entry).

Please find FULL terms & conditions here!

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