Get Plastic Bags Free Ready

Shop at The Valley Plaza for the chance to win 1 of 5 Trolley bags each week!

From 1 July, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia will ban free single use plastic bags. It will be withdrawn by the major retailers Coles & Woolworth from the same date. Get plastic bags free ready today by shopping at The Valley Plaza and win the Trolley Bags designed by Packing Sorted!

To enter the promotion, entrants must, from 18th June to 15th July 2018: 1. Visit The Valley Plaza and spend $10 or more in specialties stores or $20 or more in majors including Woolworths & Coles in ONE transaction 2. Fill in ALL the information on the form 3. Staple a copy of your receipt and put your entry into the draw box Draw Dates First draw: 3:00pm (AEST) on 25/06/2018

Winners of the First draw are: 1. Natacha Edward 0432 XXX XX6 2. Souad EL Farran 0422 XXX XX0 3. Gail Chauvier 0466 xxx xx0 4. Hong H Pham 0410 XXX XX8 5. Patrick Sing 0423 XXX XX4

Second draw: 3:00pm (AEST) on 02/07/2018

Winners of the Second draw are: 1. Kim Vegvari 0405 XXX XX6 2. Julia Tran 0410 XXX XX0 3. Rana Kurdali 0411 XXX XX2 4. Glen Blanchard 0402 XXX XX3 5. Janelle Harris 0423 XXX XX5

Third draw: 3:00pm (AEST) on 09/07/2018

Winners of the Third draw are: 1. Robin Krogh 9xxx xxx9 2. Rita Bonanni 0412 XXX XX5 3. Ebikisam Koshnow 0420 XXX XX8 4. Cheyanne Whien 0402 XXX XX3 5. Somsack Norasing 0431 XXX XX9

Forth draw: 3:00pm (AEST) on 16/07/2018

Winners of Final draw are: 1. Adriana Diaz 0403 XXX XX2 2. Daniel James Kljuceric 0430 XXX XX4 3. David Fong 9XXX XXX8 4. Naziya Munaf 0415 XXX XX2 5. Silvita Matovinovic 0466 XXX XX8

For full Terms & Conditions, please click here.

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